Holiday in Bhutan

Holiday in Bhutan

Holiday in Bhutan

Bhutan officially The Kingdom of Bhutan, is a landlocked country in South Asia located at the eastern end of the Himalayas. It is bordered to the north by China and to the south, east and west by the Republic of India, Bhutan’s capital and largest city is Thimphu.

In 2006, based on a global survey,Business Week rated Bhutan the happiest country in Asia and the eighth-happiest in the world.

Bhutan’s landscape ranges from subtropical plains in the south to the sub-alpine Himalayan heights in the north, where some peaks exceed 7,000 metres (23,000 ft). Its total area is 38,394 square kilometres with an estimated population of  nearly three-quarters of a million predominantly Buddhist people.

Bhutan’s rich and unique cultural heritage has largely remained intact as it remained isolated from the rest of the world until the early 1960s, this is one of the main attraction for tourists as is the country’s culture and traditions remain largely untouched. Bhutanese tradition is deeply steeped in its Buddhist heritage which the government makes great efforts to maintain. With its largely unspoiled natural environment and cultural heritage, Bhutan is often referred to as “The Last Shangri-la”.

Rice, buckwheat, and maize, are the staples of Bhutanese cuisine. The local diet also includes pork, beef, yak meat, chicken, and mutton. Soups and stews of meat and dried vegetables spiced with chillies and cheese are a often found on a Bhutanese menu. Local drinks include butter tea, tea, locally brewed ara (rice wine) and beer. Bhutan is the first country in the world to have banned the sale of tobacco under its Tobacco Act of 2010.

Time to visit:

High season: March-May and September-November

Shoulder months: June  ( hot and a bit rainy) and December-February – colder months.

Punakha Fortress Bhutan

Magical Bhutan

There are few if any other countries as unspoilt and exclusive as Bhutan. This country was cut of from the rest of the world till very recently and has remained a place of simplicity and happiness.
If you really think you have seen it all and you have never ben to "The Last Shangri-la" we strongly recommend you go to Bhutan where the wealth of the country is measured in the happiness of the oeople.
Bhutan Temple

Western Bhutan Tour

When you arrive in Bhutan and from the window of the aeroplane you can enjoy a view of Mt. Everest, and Mt. Kanchenjunga you know this is no ordinary holiday.
The temples you will visit cling to the side of mountains and are as ancient as the beginning of time, spectacular views will surround you in this green and quite country of tranquility and serenity.
Paro Dzong

Bhutan Tour: from Paro to Guwahati

Sacred Monasteries and Bhutanese Villages will delight as you travel around Bhutan and see the wealth of spectacular scenery and natural beauty that exists in this unspoilt and remote country.
The spectacular waterfalls of Bhutan which feed the rivers end up being the water in the sacred rivers of India, watch traditional painters follow the traditions of their fathers.


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