Holiday in Ukraine

Sviatogirsk Lavra in Donetsk region

Sviatogirsk Lavra in Donetsk region

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe which borders the Russian Federation to the east and northeast, Belarus to the northwest, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary to the west, Romania and Moldova to the southwest.

Ukraine consists mostly of fertile plains (or steppes) and plateaus, crossed by rivers such as the Dnieper(Dnipro), Seversky Donets, Dniester and the Southern Buh as they flow south into the Black Sea and the smaller Sea of Azov.

Ukraine occupies 8th place in Europe by the number of tourists visiting, according to the World Tourism Organisation rankings.

Ukraine is on the crossroads between central and eastern Europe, between north and south. It has mountain ranges – the Carpathian Mountains suitable for skiing, hiking, fishing and hunting. The coastline on the Black Sea is a popular summer destination for vacationers. Ukraine has vineyards where they produce native wine, ruins of ancient castles, historical parks, Orthodox and Catholic churches as well as a few mosques and synagogues.

Kiev, the country’s capital city has many unique structures such as Saint Sophia Cathedral and broad boulevards.

The traditional Ukrainian diet includes chicken, pork, beef, fish and mushrooms.
Popular traditional dishes include varenyky (boiled dumplings with mushrooms, potatoes, sauerkraut, cottage cheese or cherries), borscht(soup made of beets, cabbage and mushrooms or meat) and golubtsi (stuffed cabbage rolls filled with rice).

When to Visit

The best time to visit Ukraine is definitely between April and June, when the heat isn’t absolutely scorching. The Dnieper River during the spring season is a beautiful sight with crystal clear waters and picturesque landscapes. Outdoor activities such as hiking, experience a great run during spring, in mountainous regions of Carpathian and Crimean.

If you are a skiing enthusiast, you must check out the skiing district of Ukraine- the Carpathian Mountains during the winter.
days- all in a matter of a week.

As the tourist rush dispels and the heat takes a break, autumn months in Ukraine become equally suitable for tourists. So, go to Ukraine only when you are armed with at least a basic idea of what you truly want to achieve.
Check our example programs, email us your wishes and we will create a package which will suit your budget and your requirements.


Action weekend in Kiev

4 days- 3 nights in Ukraine, look around the local area,enjoy some free time in Kiev and an activity weekend including setting up team challenges. Includes A trip to the military-entertainment complex, 5 shots with: Austrian AUG assault rifle, “Kalashnikov” rifle Mosin, “Weatherby” pistol, “Fort” 9×18, pistol “Glock” 9×19, Clay Pigeon Shooting, archery and crossbow and a ride in former Soviet tank.
Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Ancient Ukraine

11 days/10 nights, walk in the city center, Khreschatik Avenue, Independence square see Golden Gate, Opera House, St. Vladimir’s Cathedral, Dnipro river lookout, St. Michael Gold Domed Monastery, Kiev Founders and the Monument, Podil historical area. Continue to travel through this incredible country taking in the rich and diverse experiences of Ukraine.


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